ABC Player

Windows 8 App Design, 2013

In 2013, I worked as a designer on the ABC Player app for Windows 8, which coincided with the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet. My responsibilities included learning the new Windows design language/guidelines, working out UI design, and supporting ABC's engineering team.

My Role: 

  • UX/UI Design
  • Asset Delivery/Guidance

App launch screen on the Surface Tablet

Introducing ABC Player on a new platform

Building the ABC Player app on this operating system required a working knowledge of it's principles. I spent a day at Microsoft with the platform product manager to learn the design language—it's hierarchy structures, interactions patterns, and animations. My responsibility was to figure out how the core functionality would adapt to this new framework. With the UX guidelines and our objectives, I explored different layouts. Our final design placed features, shows, and episodes into the hub, section, and detail page screens in a way that made sense. In addition to design delivery, I was also responsible for providing assets, specs, on-the-fly guidance of edge cases, and VQA to the engineers during development. 

ABC Player app hub

ABC Player app Shows section

ABC Player Show Detail section

ABC Player Show Detail section

ABC Player video playback screen

ABC Player preferences screen